Your investment can be up-traded towards coaching programs when you're ready. So when it's time to go to the next level, you'll already have a $5,400 scholarship waiting for you!

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Here’s what you’ll discover when you join the program:

  • 1.

    Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing Discover how to get started quickly without your own money on properties or repairs
  • 2.

    Marketing Generate leads and deal flow cost effectively
  • 3.

    Wholesaling Learn how to get paid without ever having to actually own or rehab a home (even if you’re brand new to real estate)
  • 4.

    Finding Contractors Avoid costly mistakes and discover how to work with only the best, yet affordable, contractors in your area
  • 5.

    Finding Designers Locate the perfect, professional designer to raise the value of your deals easily
  • 6.

    How to Determine After-Repair Value No more confusion or overwhelm when it comes to “crunching numbers”, you’ll be able to easily calculate your profits
  • 7.

    How to Build Your Power Team More time and less stress is just one of the benefits of having the right team, you’ll see how to do it fast
  • 8.

    Raising Capital You’ll see how to raise funds for your real estate deals or business ideas with a proven system to attract investors
  • 9.

    Branding Boost your influence and prestige with a powerful personal brand that inspires confidence
  • 10.

    Time Management Live life on your terms, on your schedule, by your rules
  • 11.

    Negotiation You don’t even have to feel like you’ve been taken advantage of again with these simple, yet powerful techniques
  • 12.

    Overcoming Personal Fears & Weaknesses Live up to your full potential no matter you think might be holding you back with this powerful breakthrough module
  • 13.

    Buy and Hold Strategies For Wealth-Building Fast cash isn’t the only way to make money in real estate, you’ll see how to build true wealth for your future
  • 14.

    Building Cash Flow Assets Most new investors are confused by this strategy, but you’ll see how easy it can be when you follow these simple steps
  • 15.

    Capitalist Strategies For “Stage 5” Investors Discover how to quickly evolve into a master real estate strategist
  • 16.

    17 Ways To Get Deals You’ll see how to make great deals come to you
  • 17.

    How To Build Your Investor List Always have access to on-demand funding when you apply the tactics from this training module
  • 18.

    4-Line Script For Raising Capital Raising money for your deals or business ideas can be fun and easy, especially when you have this script
  • 19.

    Build Your Network and Get 50 Realtors Sending You Deals Networking has the power to radically increase your net worth, you’ll see the most effective way to start
  • 20.

    How To Understand Any Market Be prepared to dominate any markets even if it’s outside your local area
  • 21.

    How To Write An Offer Effectively You don’t need a degree in finance to write perfect offers when you use the template we share

Your investment can be up-traded towards coaching programs when you're ready. So when it's time to go to the next level, you'll already have a $5,400 scholarship waiting for you!